Monday, November 7, 2016

Post 1: – Engaging K-12 Students in Higher Ordered Thinking is an amazing site for students of all ages to collectively or individualistically create and share their writing. It works on multiple device platforms so it is easy to implement into any 1:1 classroom.

The site stimulates creativity by presenting a series of related art and images to help inspire and get students started on their writing process. If a student wants to write about the jungle, they simply click “create” and then type in the word “jungle” for a slew of beautiful, unique, and inspiring artworks from which they can craft or add life to their stories. The site is very friendly, encourages collaboration, and is free to use. It links easily to any email account, and provides start up directions and simplistic easy for any student to understand. is good for creating picture books, long forms, or poetry for any subject. When I was junior in high school, I used to tell a story about computing gravity on other planets for my physics class with pictures of astronaut rabbits. It was a nice break away from formal labs and lectures, and it gave me a creative way to share the information I had learned.

I recommend for classes of all ages because it gives students a chance to be create, collaborate, and analyze information as they develop and construct tangible stories.

Here is a link to the website:

Check out the site’s featured YouTube video below!

Image by Fred Seibert, “Storybird logo” on Flickr 

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