Friday, November 11, 2016

PLN: 10 and 11

10) Zoom

Zoom is a free, online video chat room where co-workers can call in and collaborate at any distance. It is the modern day conference call. Zoom has many useful features, such as screen sharing that, if you subscribe with a monthly fee, can support up to five-hundred participants. It’s easy to use, supports more people than other video chats, and allows effective collaboration. I learned about Zoom from my educational technology course where we were encouraged to use it for our many group projects. Since we all had busy schedules, Zoom allowed us to convene at an hour that worked best for everyone and did not require anyone to travel. I will definitely use zoom as a teacher so I can collaborate with my co-workers. Grading, planning, and boards keep teachers very busy, so Zoom is a very flexible tool to use in place of formal meetings. It can also be used to conference with teachers across the country, such as in podcasts or other live events about education. As teachers, we need to work together and share our knowledge and research; sites like Zoom allow these interactions to be done face to face and screen to screen over any distance.

Snapshot of what our Zoom meeting looked like

11) College of Education & Teacher Leadership Workshop

Even before this class I was at work expanding my PLN. As part of the UNI College of Education, I receive many emails about speakers, events, and seminars to further equip and prepare me for my career as a teacher. One of the emails I got invited me to a workshop that would help teachers learn how to be leaders in their school and collaborate with their co-workers. Many other prospective teachers were there and we got to break out in groups and talk with one another about our own negative and positive experiences with collaboration, contradicting beliefs, and unhealthy partnerships. We talked about the importance of compromise and how to stay professional in stressful, argumentative settings, as well as doing what is right rather than what is easy. Another part of the workshop talked about how to make a resume and efficiently market myself when applying for a job.
My workshop certificate 
Being a part of the college of Education is very beneficial because it is another facet of information about teaching, partners me with my peers, helps me build my resume, and prepare to be a teacher. I recommend joining many clubs and organizations to expand your own PLN.

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