Thursday, November 10, 2016

Post 2: Google Chromebooks Galore!

More and more schools around the United States are adopting 1:1 programs, which is inexpensive technology provided to all students. With the z-generation being exposed to technology from birth, it is important we work to incorporate, teach, and encourage 21st century skills in our students’ everyday lives.

In completing my teaching practicums, one way I saw 1:1 being implemented was through the use of Google Chromebooks. These inexpensive computers, starting at just $149, allow schools to affordably purchase and provide their students with computers. Technology is becoming a necessity in our society, with many jobs and university’s continuously updating devices, linking on social media, and moving towards to future. Not all families, however, can afford laptops and other tech for their children. As teachers and schools, it is our responsibility to give each student an equal opportunity, so by utilizing Chromebook programs we help every student get the tech experience and collaboration they need.

Not only are Google Chromebooks affordable, but in its eagerness to help schools, Google has made the devices easy to manage and multi-user friendly. If a school cannot afford a laptop for every student, they can buy a smaller package and simply checkout computers to classes. Using a network that can support up to ten-thousand devices, students can sign into their personal desktop from any school device. Using cloud features such as Dropbox, OneDrive, of Google Drive, students will always have access to their material and work. Google is so excited to help schools become 1:1, that they even offer free services such as technology training for teachers. After all, a teacher must know how to work the devices if they are to teach with them!

Google really cares about giving our students equal opportunities and preparing them for the future. Follow the link below to check out their education site, programs, and scholarships!

Image by Kevin Jarrett Follow, “Chromebooks Rollout – Shenkus” on Flickr

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